About Offensive SEO

How many millions of football coaches have said, “the Best offense is a good defense.” While I wouldn’t advise anyone to go on a negative smear campaign against their competitors:

1. In some states it can fall under liable which in some cases can even be a felony

2. If the war of negative reviews hasn’t started yet, don’t start it

The best thing is to take care of your customer and confront them head on and see what you can do to fix the problem and maybe mention having them remove or update that negative review. Some people are just mean, no matter what you do they will never be satisfied and that’s one of the challenges of business.

But say, one of your competitors does decide to go to war with you by doing an army of faults reviews or any other way to disparage your business online it is a very difficult case to prove in court, but if you want to go “Fight fire with fire.” We can make the guy wish you’d never written a negative thing about you ever.